View Full Version : Squeezebox 3 Intermittent with Stuttering and Freezing

2008-08-05, 13:41
I have a desktop linked to the web by cable through a router and the S.B. is connected to the router by Cat6 Ethernet cable.

My music data , created by "stripping" CD's using iTunes, is contained in the path g:\iTunes Library.There is also a "iTunes Library.itl" file in the path "c:\Docs & Settings\User Name\My Docs\My Music\iTunes" and the S.C.software is in the path "g:\utilities\squeezecentre"

When initially installed the S.B. found the desktop IP (, connected to the S.C. and seemed to "SEE" all the music on the Hard Drive including the iTunes Playlists which I had created.I could navigate smoothly using the Remote.

Some minutes later , while attempting to navigate using the web interface on the PC , the music alternated between "stuttering" and then freezing. When this happened , if I then tried to use the POWER button on the REMOTE , this triggered the S.B. into re-reinitializing the connection to the S.B.'s IP where it stopped with the message "Connecting to The Squeezebox" If I again attempted to switch it off using the POWER button , the re-reinitializing routine again was triggered.Occasionaly , on pressing the Power button the S.B. responds with the message " Free Your Music" . When I get this message the music plays normally.

I've tried switching off the Zone Alarm Firewall but this had no effect.

There has only been one log produced in the in the path "c:\Docs & Set\All Users\App Data\S.C.\logs" which is the Server Log and I append the recent last several lines here.

As you will see, the log contains lots of errors.

Incidentally , my iTunes created music database plays without any problems on the PC's speakers.

Any explanation of the errors in the log file and of the problems detailed here would be appreciated.