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2008-08-05, 10:34
Hello, brought a secondhand Sb1. Downloaded S'center7 to laptop, plugged in Sb1 and after several frustrating hours managed to get it to find wireless network. My problem (well if I'm going to be honest, one of my problems) is that SqueezeCenter is sitting down in the right hand corner of my screen, "Stopped". I've tried exiting it and then opening the shortcut but it just comes back as "stopped". What am I not doing?
If your going to answer bear in mind I'm almost as old as God and think colour tv is pretty cutting edge stuff.

2008-08-05, 10:57
I'm on Linux but I think it's the SlimTray you're talking about? Did you try right clicking on it and select "start" or something like that?

2008-08-05, 11:18
Yes Uluen and no luck but I went back through the setup process and bingo it's running. Although Squeezecenter can't see Slim device and vice versa.
Slim device detects network and obtains an ip address but then says it can't find Squeezecenter. Have disabled firewall and have Laptop and Slim device sitting next to each other.

2008-08-05, 11:27
There are two ways for SqueezeCenter to start on Windows. Can start as a service, which starts when the computer starts up (don't have to actually log-in to windows). Second method is (I believe) just as an application, which then starts when you log-in to windows.
The "tray" icon on the bottom isn't what actually starts squeezecenter, it just reports the status, and provides an easy way to open the web interface.
I believe if you find the SqueezeCenter items in the "Start" menu, that there is a sub-item which allows you to configure the startup behavior (service or application).
If it's setup as a service, there is a way to start and stop windows services. Look under the start menu for "Administrative Tools" (could be at the Start menu itself, or under "Start/All Programs". If you don't find it there, you might need to "customize" your start menu by right-clicking in an open area of your bottom status bar (where the "Start" icon, window icons and tray icons are), and select Properties. Select the "Start Menu" tab. Next to the "Start Menu" radio button, select "Customize". Then select the "Advanced" tab. Scroll on the "Start menu items" window to find "system adnimistrative tools" and select either "Display on the All Programs menu" or "Display on the All Programs menu and the Start Menu". Hit "OK" until these windows go away. You should now be able to find the "Administrative Tools" folder, select "services". If SqueezeCenter is setup as a service, you should be able to find the SqueezeCenter service on this list. Select it, and you can "start" or "Stop" it. This is also useful if you add or change a plugin, because it allows you to stop and restart SqueezeCenter without having to reboot the machine.
Hope that helps!

2008-08-05, 23:40
Thanks Tcut, Squeezecenter now loads when I log on. Also sorted out the "not found" problem. By loading Sc on main computer (which is hardwired to router).
Picking up internet radio but only when computer is switched on? thought you could listen when computer is off?

2008-08-06, 05:26
I would think you're accessing Internet Radio via SqueezeCenter, which won't work if your computer is off.

When your computer's off, just use Squeezenetwork to access internet radio. Dunno about an SB1 but on an SB3 just hold the left arrow key til you're back at the box's system menu.

2008-08-06, 05:47
You need to have an SB2 or later for Squeezenetwork access (i.e. internet radio without Squeezecenter running):


Is it really an SB1 (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/HardwareComparison) (you don't see many of those up for sale these days, and they do look similar to an SB2, although the screen is quite different)? If so, you'll need to have Squeezecenter running.

2008-08-07, 06:26
Hi Siduhe, yes it's an SB1. Not too much of a problem to leave computer on. Still got the problem of not being able to connect laptop with slim device.
Using 64 bit WEP which has a five digit password. Found a sight on the web that give me the ten digit hex equivalent. Slim device accepted it ok but neither laptop or SD see each other? SB sees the computer which is hard wired to router ok. So it suggests the problem is mine, any ideas?

2008-08-07, 13:11
Do you mean you want to use the laptop to control Squeezecenter (which is installed on another machine)?

If so, just fire up your web browser and navigate to http://ipaddressofthesqueezecentermachine:9000

So I navigate to on any of my networked devices, where .101 is the music server.

2008-08-12, 12:48
We've got music on a couple of laptops as well and I wanted to access this as well. Am I wrong in thinking that if I load Squeezecenter onto the laptops I can access their music and Internet radio if and when the main computer is switched off.

Mark Lanctot
2008-08-13, 05:51
We've got music on a couple of laptops as well and I wanted to access this as well. Am I wrong in thinking that if I load Squeezecenter onto the laptops I can access their music and Internet radio if and when the main computer is switched off.

Yes. You'll have to point your SB1 to the new SqueezeCenter. On an SB2/SB3 you'd hold the left button for 5 seconds and scroll around to "choose music source". I'm not sure about an SB1 as I don't have one, but it should be similar.