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2008-08-05, 09:10
I am trying to listen to Radio Six International via my Transporter, but after a few minutes I loose the audio and I then have to reboot the Transporter, before I can play anything else even FLAC music files!!!!

Any idea what the problem is?

The audio URL is :

Their web site is : http://www.radiosix.com/tunein.html

Paul Webster
2008-08-05, 14:14
While someone works out what the problem is ... maybe you could try with their MP3 stream (rather than the ogg one) and see if it works better for you.

2008-08-05, 14:40
No the MP3 stream does not work at all. I just get silence.

I have tried various other radio audio streams incl. MP3 and AAC+ and these other stations all work ok, so the problem seems to be with Radio Six streams, BUT these streams work fine on my PC. I ONLY get problems playing them through my Transporter.

Anybody else tried these audio streams?

Pity becuase it is quite a good station playing a variety of music not usually heard on the radio in the UK.

2008-08-05, 14:53
Causes a similar problem with an SB3. You should log a bug - a post in the forum will not get proper attention. Even if the SB3 cannot play the OGG station - it shouldn't lock up the Sb3.

As a stopgap to be used with SC running - disable native OGG under Settings/Advanced/Filetypes.

2008-08-05, 14:57

I haven't encountered ogg streams yet, but I do vote on audio related bugs.
This one has been open for 18 months wo a fix ??

My priorities are audio quality and networking , so I vote on these bugs.
Voting is supposed to help the dev's decide whats important.

Apparently graphical bling on jive and SC web UI is higher up for most people, these bugs are fixed with an amazing speed wich IS good, but..

vote on these things otherwise nobody would care about them.

Of topic: Are there any other Sound quality related bugs that needs a vote ? i would gladly give my vote to any such bug.