View Full Version : Autoswtich to squeezenetwork and back?

2008-08-05, 07:23
I did a search but could only find a thread from back in 2006...

Is there any chance of a plugin or future code upgrade to allow the SB3 to autoswitch to squeezenetwork when the server is off and then to notice it turning on again and switching back to squeezecenter? Or is it impossible?

Sorry if this has already been requested. Is there anywhere I can look to see a list of previous requests btw?

2008-08-05, 07:35
There is an open enhancement request here:


it's been puched out to 7.3

2008-08-05, 08:36
Good stuff.

2008-08-05, 09:08
I think i saw something similar in a plugin. Don't even remember the name do the plugin, but do a search with keywords such as: server power control execute script

2008-08-05, 09:31
This is sort of a related request:

I would find it very sexy if I could get a consolidated/synced favourites list that switched between the two networks seamlessly depending on what was selected.

What are the chances? :)

2008-08-05, 10:10
I'm pretty sure this is a planned feature at some stage.

Could be wrong though. Search Bugzilla.