View Full Version : Wish: Reverse and forward podcasts

2008-08-05, 04:38
I've found no wish list or anything similar, hence I'm posting here. Please move the thread if there's a more appropriate place for it.

I sorely miss the opportunity of reversing, fast-forward and jumping in podcasts. This has been requested previousle, but those threads are rather old. Storing podcast locally should make this possible. Storing podcast will also make it possible to transfer podcasts to other devices. I imagine a solutin similiar to what's used by Miro.
1) A global setting which regulates how long podcasts should be stored locally.
2) An option to override these settings for individual feeds/files.
3) An option to save individual feeds/files eternally.

This feature would enhance my Squeezebox experience plenty! Playing a podcasts for 45 minutes while waiting for the single thing you want to hear is boring.



2008-08-05, 04:42
Seeking in MP3 podcasts is supported in SC 7.1. You don't even have to download them locally.