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2008-08-04, 19:14
My SB Receiver has simply stopped producing audio - analog or digital. The Receiver was working last week until I replaced the power strip. After plugging everything back in, there was no sound. Multiple resets have no effect. The front panel light responds correctly, SqueezeCenter and the Controller both claim the Receiver is playing audio, but nothing out. I have switched speakers and cables with no change. Streaming tests and performance monitoring indicate that the buffer is full and signal strength is adequate. I also tried switching the Receiver from wireless to Ethernet, but no change.

Note that this problem happened while I was using SC 7.0.1. I upgraded to 7.1, hoping that his would fix the problem, but no change.

Is my receiver dead? I'm hoping someone in this forum has some advice before I RMA it. I really want the functionality of this product, but its driving me nuts right now.

Thanks for any help.

2008-08-04, 22:05
I bring no solution, only whatever comfort lies in knowing that you're not alone with this problem. My Duet played music sort of fine (mucho stuttering on occasion) until Sunday, when the Controller showed all the regular signs of playing music but with nothing coming out of the stereo. After som fiddling about to no effect, I rebooted both the Receiver and Controller, whereupon I lost all contact with the Receiver (I think - I'm too inexperienced of these things to deduce where the fault lies...). I too updated SC to 7.1 without seeing anything change for the better. I sure hope there is a simple solution to this...

2008-08-05, 02:19
I also bring no joy. Month old Duet working one moment and then stopped. Controller fine with normal cover art, time lapse for song etc but alas - no sound from optical connection and beautiful modem type noise when changed to analogue.

In for replacement.

2008-08-05, 03:48
I realise this probably won't help your situations but....when I first set up my receiver I had a similar issue with no audio output from the device even though the controller and squeezecenter both showed the receiver playing normally. Solved it by holding down the button on the front until the LED turned red and redoing set up from the beginning using the controller - I've had no problems since. Hope this may help someone.