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2008-08-04, 07:40
Advance apologies for asking what may be a stupid question

Have got version 7.1 installed & get great sound from my Squeezebox (wireless), whether it is operated from the Squeezebox remote or from the Squeezecenter interface.

But I don't hear any sound from my PC. Should I be able to hear the music on the PC when using the Squeezecenter interface.

If "no sound" is correct does something else have to be installed ?


2008-08-04, 07:59
The behavior you are seeing is correct. Squeezecenter is just a server, so it will only play music to clients (such as your squeezebox) that have connected to it.

If you want to play music on the machine that is ther server, you can use something called squeezeslave, softsqueeze, or any media player using the remote streaming method.

To get info on softsqueeze, go to the home page of the squeezecenter page on your server and click extras. You will see an icon for softsqueeze there. It is a java app, so you need a JVM installed to run it.

Remote Steaming:
For general remote streaming, click the help icon at the bottom of the home page of the squeezecenter page on your server. This will give you details on how to do it.

Even though you are on the same machine, it is still considered "remote" when you try to play music on the machine, which may be counter-intuitive. The reason is because of the client-server architecture of the slim devices products.

This is a way of making your server into a player as well that can be controlled via the web page or the new controller. I make use of this myself. Details on this can be found here. Note that it is NOT a Java application as it is described in the wiki:

Hope that helps.

Have fun!

2008-08-04, 09:30
Many thanks Maggior for that quick reply.
I'll have a look at your first two solutions as the third one looked a bit too complicated for an old guy like me !


2008-08-04, 14:23
Thanks again.
Went the Softsqueeze route & set it up to synchro with Squeezebox.