View Full Version : Network troubleshooting guide ?

2008-08-04, 06:21
Is there some network troubleshooting guide available somewhere which is it possible to refer to instead of repeating the same thing over and over again when Duet users have problem ?

Does the Logitech support team have any guide they follow when instructing Duet users over the phone ?

2008-08-07, 01:01
There is a definite need for this and also a similar guide on how to install plugins into various types of installation . Mine is WHS based and I was happy to find a Windows Installer for Alien Bbc ( though Im having major buffering problems avery few seconds ) but have had no luck with the likes of Music IP .

The Music IP install freezes every time at ' Extracting Files'....

Although there are details of the plugins themselves in the Wiki and elsewhere , actual instructions would help .