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2008-08-04, 01:47
Hi folks.

First time in here - so please be gentle!

I am looking to buy a squeezebox today. As a result I have downloaded squeezecenter and tried to install it.

I then tried to stream some media from one computer on my home netwrok to another. When I tried to listen on the other computer, it recognised that it was accessing stream center - but no sound - even though I followed the guide exactly as it should be.

I used stream center and windows media player for the stream on the 'broadcasting computer' and tried using both winamp and media player on the computer listening.

I would like to use it for this purpose once I purchase the box - can anyone help me?

Also, been doing a little reading - and not sure if it's related to port 9000 or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


2008-08-04, 03:37
This is how it was explained to me some time ago:

It's a bit fiddly the first time round.

The stream will only play music that has been queued up in the WebUI player. But you can't queue music up until there is a player in the WebUI to pick from. So you have to:

1. In WMP, open the stream
2. Go to the WebUI and select something to play.
3. Stop streaming in WMP. Close WMP, to be sure it's not cached anything.
4. Press Play in the WebUI for the remote player (stop the stream and play again if you pressed play in step 2).
5. Open WMP and start streaming again.

2008-08-04, 08:08
If you have a Java Virtual Machine installed on the PC you are trying to play music on, you could give SoftSqueeze a try. It actually replicates the user experience of a SB quite well since the interface is the same.

On the main page of the server's web page, you will see an item called "extras" on the left side. Expand it and click on softsqueeze and follow the instructions on the page that pops up.

The remote streaming method will work as skittler described (I'm actually listening to music now at work using that method), but using SoftSqueeze can be a bit less dodgy.

2008-08-04, 14:41
Sorted it thanks.

It was none of the above - it was quite simply that I had not selected the correct player in the list.

Cheers for your replies.