View Full Version : Rebuilding my Server (Windows 2003)

2008-08-04, 00:19
Hi all,

I'm building a new server due to a hardware change. My server is based on an Intel 32-bit platform running Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2.

My Slimserver version is:

SlimServer Version: 6.5.4 - 12568 - Windows Server 2003 - EN - cp1252
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

Should I be downloading the latest version and running with that? Does anyone have any tips on which way I should go about 'migrating' my current setup on to the new server, or is it just a case of manually rebuilding it and installing the plugins?


2008-08-04, 04:43
I'd install the latest SC. If you're using the server for nothing else, consider Linux - SC runs faster and it is most noticeable when rescanning your library and browsing large lists

2008-08-04, 08:21
I would install 7.1 and reinstall the plugins from scratch. It may seem like more work, but it should be easier than dealing with issues that may crop up when migrating your setup, particularly if you then decide to update to 7.1 on top.

I run my SC on Windows Server 2003 and have no problems with speed. It runs on a Core 2 Duo CPU with 4Gb RAM, but it does live alongside a lot of other processes including MusicIP, MySQL, SQL Server, AV/firewall, backup program, FTP, mail server, Firefox and mIRC permanently running etc.

2008-08-04, 09:00
Ok thanks for the advice. I do run other items on Windows Server, so I need to keep that OS. I think reloading the plugins is not a big deal as I recall its mainly a matter of copying them in to the plugins folder and then checking they are configured correctly on slimserver? Will find this out tonight when I attempt it :)