View Full Version : Thank GOODNESS for new FF/REW functionality!

2008-08-03, 15:08
I am so grateful that there is finally an actually usable FF/REW functionality on the Squeezebox -- the previous one, with its holding down the FF/REW buttons, hearing a bad approximation of FF-ing and REW-ing, and it sometimes worked, sometimes didn't, sometimes went back to the start of the track, etc.) was just horrific!

So thanks!

Also, tho' - not that I'm complaining too much, but what took so long to make this a reality? I mean, the old functionality was just so damn frustrating and tweaky.

- Tim

2008-08-03, 16:33
I'm very happy with the new FF/REW also. I have used the Song Scanner Plugin in the past which is very similar to the new built in FF/REW and I liked it much better than the standard FF/REW. I don't think that it (the plugin) was compatible with 7.0 so I stopped using it, it's great to be able to have what I feel is a much more usable method back again - especially built in.

2008-08-03, 22:47
Just tried that and yes it works very good now. Thanks for the fix.