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2008-08-03, 13:30
I just started playing with Slacker Radio on my Squeezebox2s and I constantly get the "You have logged in on another device, press PLAY to restart." message.

This occurs in SqueezeCenter 7.0 and 7.1. I saw vague mentions to a fix back in January and hoped 7.1 would fix it, unfortunately it did not. I have no web browsers open anywhere with Slacker's website even pulled up, let alone playing. I only have one player in the house turned on and playing music. Any "multiple" players has to be created by something having to do with Slim Devices as best I can tell.

I have a single SqueezeCenter server, which two players connect to. I get the message whether only one player is even turned on or not. I also have a Squeezebox Controller which I am actively using to see what is being played. I have entered my Slacker username and password on SqueezeNetwork, but no players are currently connected to it.

So.. what gives? Am I the only one with this problem? I'll continue to troubleshoot (completely unplug players, power down the controller, delete the account from SqueezeNetwork, etc..) if no one else is having the problem.. and open a bug if I really can't figure it out. I figured I would ask the community at large before going too crazy.


2008-10-08, 05:44
Has anyone else had any experience(s) with this issue? More importantly, has anyone else been able to find a resolution to this issue? I e-mailed Logitech's technical support on 10/03 and have not received a response yet.

My configuration is as follows:

* Squeezebox Boom
* Squeezebox Boom Firmware Version 32
* SqueezeCenter Version 7.2
* Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

I am not logged into Slacker Radio anywhere else and I don't have another SB unit - I am at a complete loss here. Anyone? Anyone?

2008-10-08, 06:20
My 'chronic slacker problem' was the reason I wanted a Squeezebox in the first place. I just didn't have the self-motivation to put all those CD cases away after I'd finished with them...

(Sorry, that's not helping you with your problem is it? :-) )


2008-10-08, 06:56
Erm ... not so much, but thanks for the early-morning chuckle. :)

2008-10-08, 08:07
Have you seen this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=42791) from earlier in the year. Looks like Andyg would be a good person to speak to. Also are some of your players logged into SN and some connected to Squeezenetwork - I wonder if that could be part of the issue?

2008-10-09, 04:49
I actually did see that thread, but it looked as though AndyG was a bit lost as well as to what was causing the issue.

I've only got one player, so that isn't the culprit. I've logged out of SqueezeNetwork before launching the SqueezeCenter application, but it didn't do me any good.