View Full Version : SC 7.1 / 7.2 pops and hangups

2008-08-03, 12:59

I'm experiencing severe audio problems (loud pops, hang ups) when listening to FLACs. Playback starts normally, then, from time to time loud pops and clicks occur. Additionally, playback hangs from time to time.

My config:

- SC 7.1 and SC 7.2 (tried both)
Running under Linux (Kubuntu 7).

Before, I was using 6.5.4, which works just fine on all FLACs. Going to 6.5.4 solves the problem, going back to 7.1 or 7.2 brings it back. This behavior can be reproduced.

- SB 3
I've tried resetting the xilinx chip and the SB 3 to factory setting already. To no avail. Also, I've disabled the crossfading settings and the normalization. Without success.

- I've tried WLAN, Powerline and Ethernet connections between Server and SB. The problems persisted. (Network test always told me the connection was optimal)

Any idea? From what I've read on the forum, this problem seems to make several people quite unhappy. I'd like to upgrade, but due to the pops and clicks this isn't feasible.


2009-01-01, 08:24
Just tried SC 7.3.1, the problem still persists.

Noboy answered so far. Am I alone with this problem?