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2004-03-22, 08:18
I'd like to see something like this as well, possibly providing a different
music root for each player at the server itself. I'd also be handy for
keeping explicit stuff available at certain players, and Britney Spears off
my player :)

This might be managed by links/shortcuts and would require the creation of
multiple libraries, (with refs to the actual "songs") which could then be
assignable to (and/or selectable from ) the various players...


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> Hey all,
> Just wondering if there is, or could be, any way of doing this:
> Our music library consists of one root folder containing 2 shortcuts to
> other folders - 1 to a folder with my music, and another to a folder
> with my families music. The problem is that now I have to browse
> through all their music to find my music (using the sqeezebox
> obviously). Is there anyway, that I could tell slimserver not to send
> listings to the sqeezebox if they are from a specific folder - ie. From
> the family folder. I would prefer not to have to browse by folder on
> the sqeezebox.
> I would not like it to be a global setting - applying to all
> sqeezeboxes, but rather just apply to the one I'm at. So when I switch
> on the sqeezebox I'm at, I could set this filter-property to true using
> the remote, for the player I'm at, and then slimserver would filter the
> listings to that player. This would then allow me to browse my music,
> by artist, album, song, etc.
> If there is no way of doing this currently, would it be difficult to
> implement? Good / bad idea?
> Thanks,
> Richard.