View Full Version : Podcast crashing my sc

2008-08-02, 17:03
I have the latest nightly of 7.1 running on my infrant NAS.

On Squeezenetwork I have a set of podcasts that I listen to often. The first on the list is called Synthetic and the rss feed is:


Now - when I go to Other_podcasts on SN I see SYNTHETIC and then I have a list with all the latest podcasts. Cool!

Now - on Squeezecenter I went to the PODCASTS tab of the settings menu and added my squeezenetwork opml list.

When I go to OTHER_PODSCATS on SqueezeCenter I see the same list from SN. Then I click SYNTHETIC and SqueezeCenter goes nuts:

- On the Duet controller I immediatly gfet a darkened screen and it says it is trying to connect to Squeezecenter (even though it was just on it)
- On the SB3 it disconnects and goes back to the list where I choose a server.

It is totally odd.

I have tried removing the feed and then adding it again - same problem.

I tried putting the stream in directly to the SC PODCASTS tab and that just crashes SC when APPLY is hit.

Anyone else have this issue?