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2008-08-02, 11:55
We love our SB3, mostly using it to stream directly from the web. Now I'm wanting an iTouch, and I understand that I can stream from it like the Slim Server does (--whether or not I also need iPeng, I don't know but that's not the immediate question). I also believe I can't access music on another network drive wirelessly, while streaming to the SB--but that's OK.

The Question: Can I have my music library on an external hard drive and stream to the SB off the drive connected via USB docked to the iTouch (or do the same from a thumb drive)?

I don't even know whether I can play the iTouch from files on an external USB drive, i.e., without a PC running.

This is a matter of which iTouch model to get. If this works, it will be the 8GB for sure. Thanks in advance.

2008-08-03, 00:47
In short: Not possible. Read on for some details :)

First off, the Touch doesn't have USB mass storage support, it is just a USB device hot a USB host. So connecting a hard drive or thumb drive to it isn't possible.

I also think you have got the wrong end of the stick as far as the iPod Touch, streaming and the SB3 are concerned. The iPhone and the Touch can be used as a remote for SqueezeCenter using the iPeng skin. I'm not sure if it can act as a player, I haven't followed progress that closely.

You cannot however, use the Touch *as* a streaming source. Not for any Squeeze products thats for sure. To access content on your own network with your SB3 you need to have SqueezeCenter running on something. Whether this is a PC, a Mac or a NAS box that is capable of handling it is up to yourself.

2008-08-03, 11:53
Thank you, funkstar. I think I had the first part figured out after I downloaded Apple's manuals. Didn't realize the part about being limited to the Remote function. Too bad. I think I've got to get one anyway. Guess I could use my wife's MacBook as our server base, if we need to do that. There's also the attractive Wadia 170i transport, if I really wanted a standalone server.

Say, I had always referred to the PC app as SlimServer. Is that what is now referred to as SqueezeCenter?

2008-08-03, 23:47
Say, I had always referred to the PC app as SlimServer. Is that what is now referred to as SqueezeCenter?
As of v7 SlimServer was renamed to SqueezeCenter. This was to make it more friendly (removing the server part of the name) and fit it in with the other Squeeze products.

2008-08-04, 16:34
Guess I should upgrade and stay more up to date on this stuff. Thanks again.