View Full Version : Where did "Recent Searches" go?

2008-08-02, 05:34
I would swear up and down that just yesterday my Squeezebox Controller had an entry for "Recent Searches" that showed searches I'd done on Rhapsody (which is handy, because searching with the scroll wheel is slow), but when I look at it today, I don't see that menu item anywhere.

Am I just not seeing it in a non-obvious location? Does it only come out in certain combinations of circumstances? Or am I crazy and it never existed in the first place?

2008-08-02, 06:35
The "Recent Searches" menu only appears when you've made any search, and these searches will be lost on SqueezeCenter restart.

2008-08-02, 09:59
Hmm. That doesn't appear to be how it was working, because I made several searches and the menu didn't appear. A bug, I suppose, then.