View Full Version : Filter listings to player

Richard O'Callaghan
2004-03-21, 15:07
Hey all,

Just wondering if there is, or could be, any way of doing this:

Our music library consists of one root folder containing 2 shortcuts to
other folders - 1 to a folder with my music, and another to a folder
with my families music. The problem is that now I have to browse
through all their music to find my music (using the sqeezebox
obviously). Is there anyway, that I could tell slimserver not to send
listings to the sqeezebox if they are from a specific folder - ie. From
the family folder. I would prefer not to have to browse by folder on
the sqeezebox.

I would not like it to be a global setting - applying to all
sqeezeboxes, but rather just apply to the one I'm at. So when I switch
on the sqeezebox I'm at, I could set this filter-property to true using
the remote, for the player I'm at, and then slimserver would filter the
listings to that player. This would then allow me to browse my music,
by artist, album, song, etc.

If there is no way of doing this currently, would it be difficult to
implement? Good / bad idea?