View Full Version : help before purchasing squeezebox duet system

2008-08-02, 04:00
hi im really keen to buy the squeeze box system and a number of recievers. I run a series of macs on a wireless network and have a western digital NAS attached to the router.

What i need advice on is if my ideal setup is possible. I want to run the squeeze box system without any of my macs turned on and all my music coming from my NAS. Is this possible? I know you can do this with sonos but im a reluctant to buy one and would prefer the logitech system.

Any help would be much appreciated

2008-08-02, 04:46
Can you give a model number of the NAS?

2008-08-02, 08:31
hi, its a western digital net centre 320gb, i think the model number is WD3200B019