View Full Version : SC 7.0-7.1 upgrade - strange problems

2008-08-02, 03:21
I've just upgraded from SC 7.0.1 to 7.1.0 on a Windows XP SP system, with about 70,000 tracks. Since upgrading I've done a "clear and rescan" of my library twice, but still have these problems:
- Web interface: no album artwork displayed on the album list or artist/album lists, but album artwork is displayed on the album track listing page. If I select an album and see the track listing then the artwork for that album will thereafter appear in the album listing page.
- Duet controller - Wrong albums listed for artists - e.g if I select Eric Clapton I see a list of Alison Moyet albums
- Duet controller: no artwork displayed anywhere except the Now Playing screen
- Duet controller: a software update seems to be available, but always fails. It says "Copying Update", then a few seconds later "There was a problem upgrading this remote. Please try again, or contact support".

Do these problems sound familiar to anyone?