View Full Version : Duet connected via ethernet - still stutters like crazy

2008-08-01, 14:14
After getting past the initial struggle with making my Duet talk to my Mac via ethernet (thanks in no small part to the people here), I've started exploring the user interface and begun importing even more of my music collection to the computer. Problem is that the sound stutters during playback; sometimes occasionally, sometimes on almost every song.

Searching the forum for clues, I get the impression that most (all?) suggestions imply that the fault could be with the user's wireless connection, which obviously doesn't apply to my configuration.

The Mac runs MacOS 10.4.11; most of the music is in AAC; the ethernet cable is a 10m stretch of Cat5e; SqueezeCenter version is 7.0.1.

Are there any parameters I can tweak, such as increasing some sort of scratch disk space (ŗ la Photoshop) or bump up a buffer setting? Should I try another cable? Or is this a known issue with 7.0.1.?

Any and all help appreciated!

2008-08-02, 07:21
To narrow the problem a little bit.

try with some FLAC files and some mp3 files does this work ?

If you still hears problems i got no clue ? if it's only AAC files I think other people on this forum has a lot of experience with that (not me I don't have any AAC files).



have you run the network test from within the SqueezeCenter, just to rule out network problems.
On SC left panel "help" then "Server & Network Health" then a wired setup should push 4000-5000 without problems

I'm no expert on how to set the logs to something usefull, so i canot advice on that

2008-08-03, 18:24
Thanks for the reply.

I have no FLAC files, but I do have a couple of mp3:s. I never got round to testing this file type properly, but the few I heard interspersed with the AAC files when playing the entire library on the random setting resulted in no stutter. Iím reluctant to make too much out of that, though, seeing as there were only three or four mp3:s and the stutter problem doesnít appear on every song (more like every second or third).

Tried the ďServer & Network HealthĒ test and scored a consistent 5000.

If I may speculate, it appears as if the problem mostly occurs at the beginning of songs (though Iíve also heard it halfway through as well as towards the end). In addition, it seems as though other computer activity contributes to the problem Ė Iím almost certain that browsing (Firefox) and importing songs to iTunes have both preceded some of the more severe bouts of stuttering. As stuttering occurs even when not doing either of these two activities, however, they donít appear to be the cause of the problem. Could it be that my Mac, a 933 MHz G4, is too weak to be able to handle ďallĒ this at the same time?

For the moment, I canít run any more tests as Iíve once again found myself where it all began: the Controller canít find the ReceiverÖ Iíve done multiple factory resets and updated to SC 7.1, but Iím still stuck with no connection. Iím really not used to hardware playing up this much on me :(

2008-08-04, 13:02
So AAC isn't a 'native' coding for the player, it needs to be transcoded on the server before streaming to the player. MP3 can be sent directly.

Sound like you mac can't sustain the transcoding process and run other apps, hence the stuttering. Maybe too little RAM or misconfigured.