View Full Version : 24bit/96kHz WAVs

2008-08-01, 04:05
This play with pitch shifted up. [SqueezeboxDuet, SC7.1, FW.36]

2008-08-01, 05:25
The only player that supports files greater than 48Khz is the Transporter.

SqueezeCenter at the moment doesn't know to check the resolution of the audio it sends to a player to make sure it can be played. I believe this is planned for in the future.

2008-08-01, 06:43
88.2kHz working fine.... so could be bug ?
i prefer automatic resampling by SC :)

2008-08-01, 08:07
Yeah sounds like a bug. AndyG posted in another thread the only the transported handled files over 48Khz so I assumed the hackish support for 88.2 and 96Khz files had been removed. It should still drop every second sample i believe.

Yeah, re-sampling in SC would be the best idea, but not possible at the moment.