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2008-07-31, 16:07
This is the first time the new firmware caused problems for me on a Mac running 10.4.11 (Power PC):

1. Every server settings stick -- would not save -- made changes but when "save changes" cliced everything jumped to before.

2. Followed the "clean install" instructions (in another discussions here) and reinstalled the firmware. Things were normal and changes were saved. Then reverted to "Classic" web interface and suddenly all are sticky again -- can not go back to the "Default" interface anymore, for example. Probably another "clean install" would fix it again if I do not attempt something as weired as the "Classic" interface...

3. On SB3 players (have two), the track numbers would not go beyond 10 -- so if an album has 13 tracks (and the Title format is [Track number - Title]) it will display 1, 2, ..., 9, 10, 1, 2, 3 (in the Track number field at the beginning of title display).

4. From when did we lose the "Composer" menu? For classical music it had been indespensible and we do not want it mixed into the Artists list (the only option now)!

Anyone seeing the same bugs on Mac/PC?


2008-08-06, 01:44
Cleaned up everything again, and re-installed the 7.1.1-22254 (Sat Aug 2 night build). Stay with the default interface type and things has been OK -- just don't want to risk touching the "classic" interface anymore.

However the deletion of the Composer menu option is very unfortunate. I spent hundreds of hours AccurateRip my CDs with EAC, and at least ten times more efforts tagging with consistent format including composers [Last name, First name (birth and death years)], and contribute these to the AccurateRip, the Grace and CDDB, and other databases. To pick composors out of compilation albums the field is really necessary.

2008-08-06, 02:03
> However the deletion of the Composer menu option is very unfortunate.

I've seen this mentioned before, but still don't understand what this should be? Where did you see a "Composer" menu? This has never been part of SC. Have you been using a plugin like CustomBrowser or similar to have additional browse modes?