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Guy Ivie
2004-03-20, 12:26
Okay, now I'm jealous! :-)

I tried both those playlists and waited more than 5 minutes each
without ever hearing anything. I've had the same results with any radio
station that I've tried. (I learned today that I can find any Live365
radio station in my iTunes library by cruising through the genre list
in Slimserver, either with the Web interface or via the Squeezebox.)

I did see "Connecting to play" on the display.

I just tried turning on "Show Buffer Fullness" and selecting a radio
station. When I walked out to the front room, the display said "Now
scanning 2x (1 of 1)" with a countdown that apparently started at 5
minutes (it was at 4:43 when I walked out). I'll wait to see what
happens in 5 minutes...

.... just walked out to the front room again and saw that the time had
jumped to more than 6 minutes...

.... I went back out there and the time was over 7 minutes. I watched it
count down to 7:00 and then it switched to 8:59 and kept counting down.
That's odd...

.... and now we're up to 14:59. Seems to be it's counting down the
seconds but up the minutes. Strange logic, eh?

Still no music playing, though. I don't know what to make of it, since
you're having no problems listening to the station.

Thanks for the assistance, anyway.


On Saturday, Mar 20, 2004, at 12:56 America/Chicago, Felix Mueller

> Guy,
> I tried your .pls playlist and it looks ok. I'm
> currently listening to Pacific Island Radio just fine.
> One thing though. It takes up to one minute for the
> music to start, at least in my case.
> When you hit 'Play' what does the display read?
> It should say: 'Connecting to play:' If it doesn't
> you might try to press 'Play' a second time.
> Did you try to listen to other radio stations?
> And with what result?
> Did you try to turn on the 'Show Buffer Fullness'
> to see if the buffer fills up at least?
> The setting is in 'Server Settings', 'Additional
> Server Settings', 'Performance' at the bottom.
> Hope that helps
> Felix
> --- Guy Ivie <gi58 (AT) earthlink (DOT) net> wrote:
>> You have to register with Live365 if you want to
>> avoid the commercials,
>> but if you don't mind advertising, you can listen
>> all you want for
>> free. I normally play Live365 stations through
>> iTunes. After I've
>> launched a station from their site once, it appears
>> in the iTunes
>> library and can be launched directly from there.
>> Here's the PLS:
>> [playlist]
>> numberofentries=1
> File1=http://www.live365.com/play/237745?LID=656-usa&lid=656-
>> usa&SaneID=
> 1043025597536&AuthType=NORMAL&VisitCount=14&membername=givie&bitrate=12
> 8
>> &now=1079800837100&session=52LHOGUmLJY3Y
>> Title1=Pacific Islands Radio
>> Length1=-1
>> Version=2
>> Here's the M3U:
> http://www.live365.com/play/237745?LID=656-usa&lid=656-
>> usa&SaneID=
> 1043025597536&AuthType=NORMAL&VisitCount=14&membername=givie&bitrate=12
> 8
>> &now=1079800837100&session=52LHOGUmLJY3Y
>> I created the PLS by copying the example in the
>> Slimserver docs and
>> changing the relevant portions (File1 and Title1).
>> I appreciate your time.
>> Guy
>> On Saturday, Mar 20, 2004, at 11:51 America/Chicago,
>> Felix Mueller
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Guy
>>> I often listen to Shoutcast radio stations without
>>> much problems. If you post your playlist or the
>> URL
>>> I can try it and report back.
>>> Doesn't Live365 require registering? That might
>>> be the problem.
>>> Felix
>>> --- Guy Ivie <gi58 (AT) earthlink (DOT) net> wrote:
>>>> I'm using the Squeezebox with a Linksys wireless
>>>> router and a PowerMac
>>>> Quicksilver (2001) running Jaguar (10.2.8). I've
>>>> tried creating an
>>>> iTunes (v 4.2) playlist with an Internet radio
>>>> station (one from
>>>> Live365) in it, as well as manually creating a
>> PLS
>>>> and an M3U text file
>>>> for the same Live365 station. Although I can see
>> all
>>>> of these playlists
>>>> in the Saved Playlist section of the SlimServer,
>>>> what I hear from the
>>>> Squeezebox is the sound of silence. Music
>> actually
>>>> stored on my hard
>>>> drive plays just fine, including non-radio iTunes
>>>> playlists. Is anyone
>>>> else having a similar problem? Does anyone have a
>>>> fix?
>>>> Guy Ivie