View Full Version : Rebuffering

2008-07-30, 17:10
My SB3 and SB2 keep rebuffering, making clean playback impossible. Tried some of the fixes suggested in these forums (turn off lastfm scrabbler and logging options) to no avail.

Am currently running SC 7.1, have gone back and forth between it and 7.01 to no avail. Constant choppy playback, very frustrating.

Boxes are connected via powerline ethernet connectors btw. I use a late version iMac to stream Apple Lossless via iTunes. Both SBs used to work well. Music is now unreliable.

Any ideas?

Very frustrating, makes me want to get rid of the whole system which also includes a Duet and receiver. As an aside, the Duet doesn't pickup wifi well in same locations that other devices do.

Bryan Jan
2008-07-30, 23:56
this is my very first post here after reading for a long time and learnt a lot from others, so I guess it's time for me to contribute.

you may try to power it off for a few second.

I have the same problem before (don't know why till now), after trying various method but no luck. Finally removed the power plug for awhile did the trick.

Hope this help.


2008-08-05, 06:01
Have solved the rebuffering issue by unsyncing all players, but still getting occasional stuttery playback. Seems like one problem after another and I don't like giving up syncing capability.