View Full Version : Lost Alien BBC after installing Squeezecentre 7.1

2008-07-30, 14:30
After installing Squeezecentre 7.1 I have lost Alien BBC.
I have downloaded Alien BBC plug-in, restarted Squeezecentre but it no longer appears.
I have tried a system restore to go back to Squeezecentre 7.0 but Squeezecentre would no longer start and I have ended up uninstalling Sqeezecentre and downloading 7.1 afresh.
Can anyone please help?

2008-07-30, 15:04
You need to install AlienBBC 2.01 for SC 7.1.


The 2.01 is still beta because BBC have changed web site layout and you needs install the iPlayer Addon ( http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=49830 )
the latest version is attached to post #71.

In 7.1 - AlieBBC implements the SC "standard" mechanism for FFW/REW of Listen Again programs.

2008-07-30, 22:39
Thank you bpa for your reply. I have installed the 2.01 for SC 7.1 version and after installing I had a window to test that mplayer was working correctly, which it was, but Alien BBC does not appear on Squeezecenter menu.
update: have uninstalled and reinstalled Squeezecenter and Alien BBC again and now working, thanks again for your help.

Neil Sleightholm
2008-07-31, 12:52
Just in case anyone else is reading this thread, the reason it wasn't showing was probably because you needed to restart Squeezecentre.