View Full Version : Internet radio not working

Guy Ivie
2004-03-20, 10:21
I'm using the Squeezebox with a Linksys wireless router and a PowerMac
Quicksilver (2001) running Jaguar (10.2.8). I've tried creating an
iTunes (v 4.2) playlist with an Internet radio station (one from
Live365) in it, as well as manually creating a PLS and an M3U text file
for the same Live365 station. Although I can see all of these playlists
in the Saved Playlist section of the SlimServer, what I hear from the
Squeezebox is the sound of silence. Music actually stored on my hard
drive plays just fine, including non-radio iTunes playlists. Is anyone
else having a similar problem? Does anyone have a fix?

Guy Ivie