View Full Version : Speed/Pitch Change on Remote Streaming

W. Tristan Collins
2004-03-20, 07:14
Hi, I have a problem streaming to a remote computer. Connection etc works
fine, but when I play an mp3 it sounds sped up. This happens at my
university where access is through a proxy and firewall etc (ie MSN
doesn't work). I don't have this problem on my LAN, and it doesn't appear
to be a problem with other remote sites I have got people to try.

Is this a known problem? Is there anyway around this?

My Setup:
Latest slimserver software on a PII with 64Mb RAM streaming through an
Alcatel router via ADSL (256kbit upload).

The remote computers:
PIII's or 4's, lots of RAM with Windows 2k, using Media Player or

Thanks, Tristan