View Full Version : Rhapsody Direct is now 192kb ???!!!

2008-07-29, 08:53
Form the 7.1 change log:

Updated Rhapsody Direct to higher quality 192k MP3.

Is this really the case now ?
If so it means Rhapsody has upgraded their library to 192, that's great news

2008-07-29, 08:57
Yeah I posted about this a while ago. :)

2008-07-29, 10:47

That's fantastic news. As you have insight that most of us dont as to things happening at Rhapsody, is there a plan or even momentum to move toward lossless streaming? I am thrilled to get 192, but I'll always take more if its available. ;-)


2008-07-29, 11:15
Lossless, maybe in 5 years when everyone has fiber? :) I dunno, I don't really see streaming going past 256k any time soon. It's also a large task for Rhapsody to re-encode millions of tracks into a new format, not to mention the storage increase. Rhapsody has something like 10-15 formats stored for each track.

2008-07-29, 11:48
Surely they would have a lossless master library that they can re-generate the lossy streams from. Not doing that would be complete lunacy!

2008-07-29, 11:54
Oh of course they do, but it still takes a long time.

2008-07-29, 12:10
It certainly would be nice, but 192 into a proper DAC from your squeezebox sounds pretty sweet. It will never equal analogue but progress is nice. Thanks Andy.

2008-07-29, 12:15
They should give us each another 30 day trial to check it out at 192. :-)

2008-07-29, 21:46
not to be a complete ki$$a$$, but you guys rock. Free Pandora, 192kbps Rhapsody... it's like Christmas. It's great having all of these great music services available (many for FREE) in one place and that work pretty well together. Apple are you listening? Keep up the excellent work, it's much appreciated.


2008-07-29, 22:14
I seem to be having an issue with Rhapsody and I wonder if it is this 192 update.

Tonight I turned on my SB3 and hit squeezenetwork. I went to Rhapsody and it said I needed to press hold bright and update. So I did. I restarted and all was good.

Later I switched to SqueezeCenter to listen to XMRadio. After a while I wanted to listen to Rhapsody again - so I navigated to Rhapsody and I got the message to press hold bright. This was on SqueezeCenter 7.01 which I run on my Infrant NAS. It updated.

Now - I have a big loop depending on which system I am on. If I play Rhapsody on SN and then go to SC I have to do the firmware upgrade again. This is really a pain in the butt for folks using the NAS version of things.

1. Is this what I am going to have to deal with for now until 7.1 officially releases on the NAS?

2. At the very least, could you make it so if the firmware updates on the SN it will atleast stay the same on SC unless I go to Rhapsody?

Thankf for your thoughts/answers

2008-07-30, 08:24
Not to jump your tech issue, wish I could help... but I just wanted throw in my positive .02 on your product too Andy. I have had mine for almost a month and it has totally changed the way I listen. Keep it up homey!