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2008-07-29, 06:41
Here's a strange one to solve, one that even technical support cannot fathom (but they thought you guys might have the answer)...

Before I bought my SB3 I routinely listened to internet radio via my Yamaha RX-V2700 Network Receiver - connected to an Apple Airport Express (N) via ethernet (which acted as an ethernet bridge) that received streams from my Netgear DG834N router. Moreover, no problem was encountered in setting-up this system.

I purchased the SB3 due to the inflexibility of the v.Tuner software inherent in the Yamaha receiver. That is, stations such as SmoothJazz.Com could only be heard at 44kbps via the Yamaha and with no option to seek a higher bit-rate stream.

Reason suggests that the SB3 would act as a wireless bridge to for the Yamaha unit in the same manner as the Airport Express. You might wonder, why bother? In response, the SB3 blows the internal Yamaha internet radio out of the water - but I'm a dog with a bone between his teeth; I would simply like the Yamaha receiver to work fully as it did before.

The problem is that the Yamaha will not make a connection with the SB3 working as a wireless bridge in the same way that the Apple Airport Express did. To ensure that the wireless bridge in the SB3 is working normally, I borrowed a Windoze laptop and switched-off its wireless functionality. Connected via ethernet, the SB3 acted as normal as a wireless bridge.

The MAC address (and ip address) of the Yamaha and the SB3 have been entered into the Netgear router's set-up pane - as usual - but no luck in making the vital through-connection.

Any ideas?

2008-07-29, 06:52
Are you using a straight ethernet cable or a crossover cable? If the ethernet port on the Yamaha is not autosensing you will need a crossover cable.

2008-07-29, 09:57
Yep, I've always used a crossover cable.

Moreover, I've also tried using a standard ethernet cable.