View Full Version : FLAC and WMA Sound Drop Outs

Simon Turner
2004-03-19, 11:45
I'll resurrect the thread when I get time to install my squeezebox and DAC
upstairs in my computer room on a wired network and do some testing.
It's very important to me that I can stream Flacs perfectly, but I do not
use the wma format. However, for me MP3s work fine.
So far I have no idea if the problem is with the Slimserver, Squeezebox,
Windows or my wireless network... or even the Flac format I guess (oh joy).
I'm even thinking of attempting to set up a Unix server to test this...
which will be a bit of a learning curve! I doubt if I will have sufficient
time tho.
What is odd is that the evidence provided on this list so far is really
inconclusive. I almost think that there may be more than one problem (if not

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

The thread on this subject appears to have died - don't know whether that is
because there are no new thoughts...

Anyhow, to recap, folks seem to be experiencing sound drop outs when using
the squeezebox wirelessly. In my case, wma files play perfectly when using
the box wired, but I get sound gaps (every track) when using wireless - even
though my squeezebox and access point are a few feet apart, there are no
other electronic devices in the room and my handheld reports 100% wireless
signal strength and link quality in the room. I should add that mp3 files
do not suffer the problem over the wireless link.

Any help with resolving this issue would be much appreciated.