View Full Version : FLAC and WMA Sound Drop Outs

Pat Dalzell
2004-03-19, 09:52
It's also happening on at least one wired networks (100mb switched) with aac
files (and mp3's periodically). Haven't tried flac yet on my setup.


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The thread on this subject appears to have died - don't know whether that is
because there are no new thoughts...

Anyhow, to recap, folks seem to be experiencing sound drop outs when using
the squeezebox wirelessly. In my case, wma files play perfectly when using
the box wired, but I get sound gaps (every track) when using wireless - even
though my squeezebox and access point are a few feet apart, there are no
other electronic devices in the room and my handheld reports 100% wireless
signal strength and link quality in the room. I should add that mp3 files
do not suffer the problem over the wireless link.

Any help with resolving this issue would be much appreciated.