View Full Version : maximum tracks?

2004-03-19, 06:55
Are there any thoughts about the *practical* maximum of the tracks the
slimserver can handle smoothly?
I am reaching 2800 hours / 15.000 tracks now, and have noticed a change in
The Squeezebox itself keeps playing the music smoothly, but the server app
has some serious trouble updating the database.
New music and folders are not automatically added to the database; a rescan
is needed and takes a considerable amout of time (not very practical to do
after every single addition)
The option 'Rescan database'on the Squeezebox itself stopped working: it
seems to time out with the 'lost contact with server' message (contact is
restored immediately after that, but there's no rescan)

I wonder about what I could do about this. Does anyone else recognise this

Any suggestion will be appreciated

Some details about my setup:
AMD Athlon XP3000+ 2100Mhz fsb400 processor
512 Mb Ram
WinXP Pro
WD 200 Gb external harddisk (firewire connection)

Wireless SB connection


Peter van Cooten