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Reckase, Erik Nathan
2004-03-19, 06:25
By all means, Pat - you won't have to re-rip. This isn't Monkey's Audio,
where the step from 3.96 to 3.97 broke backwards compatibility (and the
reason why I'll probably never use it as a format) - FLAC is managed fairly
well. I have 1000+ discs ripped to FLAC, so you wouldn't be the only one
annoyed with a broken decoder; I've tested the new version with my files and
it works just fine. The fact is, I find it unlikely that the FLAC decoder
is causing the dropouts, since the wired connection works just fine, but we
should all be using the same software/hardware before trying to track down
the issue.


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At 01:29 AM 3/19/2004, kdf wrote:

Seeing as there is a new version of Flac due out, that fixees a couple bugs
with flac itself, perhaps waiting to see what happens with the new versions

That is(?) terrible news. I just extracted and Flac'd 500+ CDs.
I sure don't want to do that again.

Or do you mean just the streamer?