View Full Version : Problem with installing Squeezecenter - should be easy...??

2008-07-26, 12:25

Can you help with this situation?


1. Have had Squeezebox with SlimServer installed and running under Windows XP, connected via wireless network to a Server box. That has worked fine - apart from the odd hiccup for 6 months.

2. I decided to install the 'latest and greatest' version - Squeezecenter (SC) - and this is where it started to go wrong....


1. SC does not recognise my Squeezebox.....see the following screen


2. If I then change URL to the following:


then I get the old Slim Server interface

3. And SlimServer works fine for a while (I can do most things ok) - until I get this screen -


and clicking on OK gives 'Page not found' for the SlimServer player. I can Refresh and it comes back - for a while..........then just repeats that problem.


So - clearly SlimServer (old version) can find the Server - and the music ok. The questions are:

1. Why doesn't Squeezecenter find the Squeezebox?

2. Why does SlimServer reappear?

3. What do I need to do to get this working ok (either the old version of SlimServer or the new Squeezecenter...)?

Things I have done:

I have installed the latest firmware to the Squeezebox - by holding down the Brightness button.

I have rebooted the Squeezebox several times - been through the Set up several times.

Thanks, David

2008-07-26, 13:43
Have you tried rebooting the server.

And TBH from your posting it's not very clear how many PCs you have.

2008-07-26, 14:22
I have 1 headless server - and 1 laptop.

2008-07-27, 00:21
Where is SqueezeCenter and SlimServer istalled? your PC or the server?

Are they both on the same system, because that is going to cause issues i think as they will both be listening on the same port.

SqueezeCenter (and SlimServer) doesn't find the players, the players find the server. Press and hold the power button on the remote, this will cause the SB to restart. After the Logitec logo, when it it setting up the network connection, press left and you should be able to change the network setup, including which server it is connecting to.