View Full Version : ReplayGain Tags

2008-07-24, 02:19
After using MP3Gain to edit my ReplayGain tags in MP3 files that are already in my SqueezeCenter library, do I need to do a rescan for the ReplayGain values to take effect?

If so, do I need to rescan from scratch or is a 'Look for new and changed music' sufficient?


2008-07-24, 04:44
I'm not sure about this, but I don't think you need to rescan at all. I'm pretty sure SC picks up the replaygain info when it reads the track.

2008-07-24, 11:37
SqueezeCenter stores ReplayGain data in the database and like any other data read from tags is picked up when tracks are scanned. If, when you add ReplayGain tags, the file modification time or the file size changes, then SqueezeCenter should rescan the track when it's browsed or added to the playlist. File size when retagging generally does not change, because of the common use of tag padding, leaving a lot of extra space for tag changes. Mod time will depend on the application you're using to add the ReplayGain. I'm not sure how reliable SC is in picking up changes to modified files like this, however.

Safest bet would be to do a full clear & rescan.