View Full Version : What does the + button do?

2008-07-23, 16:34
I've had a Duet for a couple of months now and have mostly just used it in random mode. Today, I decided to stretch my boundaries a bit and add a song to a playlist. Actually I wanted to zap a song I came across that had some digital noise. I press and hold the + button and nothing happens. If I quick press the + button... nothing happens. I found the Factory test for the keypad and all keys check out OK. I do have a zapped playlist that I added a couple songs to from the web interface. So, how do you get the + button to do anything?

2008-07-23, 16:51
The + will add a song/album to playlist. Select a track or album and play, then go back to your Music Library and find another desired track or album and hit the +.

2008-07-23, 19:47
While browsing your library (or online services like Rhapsody):
press + = add track/album to the end of the current playlist
press-and-hold + = add track/album to the playlist immediately after the currently playing track

While viewing your current playlist:
press + = delete (zap) track from current playlist

2008-07-24, 09:11
Ok, I get it. The problem I was having is that the button doesn't do anything from two of the Now Playing windows. There are three versions of Now Playing; the screensaver, the Now Playing single song window and the Now Playing playlist view. The + button doesn't do anything in the first two windows. You have to navigate to the third, list view in order to use the button.