View Full Version : Can see slimserver on my PC, not on SB Duet though!

2008-07-23, 07:27
Can anyone suggest why this would be?

I'm running slimserver 6.5.3 on a QNAP TS109 and from my laptop i can see slimserver and all my music fine.

However i've added the IP address of the server to the SB controller and it won't access anything?

Any tips for a newb? Thanks guys

Mark Miksis
2008-07-23, 07:35
The controller requires SqueezeCenter 7.0 or higher.

2008-07-23, 08:00
Thanks! If i uninstall 6.5.3, will i be able to install SC7 with my current QNAP firmware of 2.0.1 Build 0324T?

Thanks again