View Full Version : Another (new??) way of using the Duet controller

2008-07-21, 14:23

I'm thinking about this for some time now but find nothing on the board... would I be the only one wanting this?? Anyway, here's the idea:

My "server" is a PicoITX with XP doing multiple tasks: web browsing, email, squeeze-server and watching DVD's. Anyone using a PC kinda like htpc would be doing this I think.
It would be really nice if the controller could be used to control DVD playback with Windows mediaplayer or others (WinDVD etc). Just like many keyboards have these media-keys. I'm really out of the software dev. loop since 1995 but would think a SC plug-in that emulates a SB player/receiver and forwards volume/skip/pause/play etc. requests (like the logitech keyboards do) wouldn't be too hard to implement?

I'm probably lame and everyone else knows how to do that already? Pls. enlighten me or give your thoughts here!


2008-07-21, 14:40
i think there is a plugin someone has written that lets you control VLC.