View Full Version : Where are the last.fm features?

2008-07-21, 07:21
I don't understand something. I've seen the announcements about new last.fm functionality in SqueezeCenter and am looking forward to it, but I can't find it in my system. Ubuntu isn't prompting me to update from SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0.1 - 19705; is the last.fm stuff in a newer version? All I see is the last.fm audioscrobbler I've had in there since the beginning. I was thinking that maybe I'd used a plug-in (I had used the plug-in scrobbler with Slimserver) but finally checked my plug-in folder over the weekend and didn't see anything.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks much for any assistance, feeling like a goof on this one!

2008-07-21, 07:27
If you look in settings you will find the Last.fm audioscrobler setting to submit listened tracks. However, Last.FM radio is only currently available through Squeezenetwork, but will be available through Squeezecenter with 7.1. You can check out the 7.1 beta now if you like, i find it quite stable.