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Oliver Cookson
2004-03-17, 09:21
I have 2 SB's and I would buy both again even if a soft-client was
available as a computer in my front-room and bedroom is not a option as
it like using a hammer to open a nut. The dedicated hardware solution
would always win for me..

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Ron Thigpen wrote:

> Peter van der Landen wrote:
>> Anyway, I think a Software Squeezebox would be great.
> I agree. A Software SB adds value. And I don't think it cannabalizes

> sales, as it doesn't really replace the SB hardware. S/W SB requires
> a general purpose PC at every node. All it really does is add
> capability to a SlimServer based home music network.
I would *not* have purchased the hardware if a good software client was
available. That said, I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would do
it again in a heartbeat.