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2008-07-19, 09:08
My computer refuses to connect to local host 9000, rendering squeezecenter useless.

I have now cleared the old version of squeezecenter and reinstalled the latest version several times but to no avail.

The firewall is off, so I don't think that's the issue.

Please help. This is costing me whatever hair I have left.

Thanks in advance,

2008-07-19, 09:14
newsie wrote:
> My computer refuses to connect to local host 9000, rendering
> squeezecenter useless.

Did it work before?

What do you mean by "my computer" in this context? Does it mean you have
SqueezeCenter running on computer A and you are on computer B?

Have you tried running a browser on computer A and connecting?

Pat Farrell

2008-07-19, 10:08
sorry about the confusion.

i normally access squeezecenter through the web browser on my apple computer. It's a somewhat complicated system, since the music is housed in an external hard drive attached to the router (in a separate part of the house). But, for the most part, the system worked ok until a week ago when I tried, but was unable, to summon squeezecenter.

I tried the reinstall, but it didn't work.

2008-07-19, 10:13
u need to describe exactly your environment.

also, try connecting to SC from a separate computer using the exact private IP of the computer SC is on.

2008-07-19, 10:14
newsie wrote:
> sorry about the confusion.

I still don't quite understand.

What computer is running SqueezeCenter?
Have you run a browser on the computer with SqueezeCenter on it,
referencing it by "localhost:9000"
or by name?

What does the DNS for your Mac to tell you the name of the computer
running SqueezeCenter?

Pat Farrell

2008-07-19, 10:19
thanks for your input.

i'm not sure what you mean by my environment (other than hot, humid, mid-90s). Also, how do I find the "IP" to try on another computer?

2008-07-19, 10:23

router? computers involved? OSs? storage? wired or wireless? etc... DESCRIBE all the gear involved, how its hooked up, what IP it has.

i assume you have private IPs on your router. something like

you need to know what they are for each piece of gear.

2008-07-19, 10:48
ok, here goes:

cable modem carries high-speed internet connection.

the modem is connected to an apple extreme, which is linked to an external hard drive that holds my music collection. Each of those pieces is housed on the second floor.

My transporter is connected wirelessly to this set-up, and is housed on the first floor with the stereo.

My computer, which accesses squeezecenter through its browser, is on the third floor. All of the commands controlling the music collection can be issued from the remote that resides with the stereo on the first floor, or, if necessary, from the computer on the third floor.

As you can see, the system leap frogs quite a bit, and is not ideal, but it has proved to be moderately reliable.

As for IP's--I know that one appears when the transporter reboots, for example, and another, perhaps the identical one, appears in the apple extreme data.

2008-07-19, 10:57
all that gear will have an IP, and you need to know the IP for each piece.

is there only one mac computer? what OS ver? what version of SC are you running? i would suggest (given all that appleness) you try the latest nightly:



2008-07-19, 11:15
there are three computers on the network, but only one, the one the third floor that i described, is used to access squeezecenter. it runs mac os 10.4. and the version of sc is 7.01.

are you suggesting i download each file that is on the nightly?

2008-07-19, 11:53
no. i put the exact name of the exact file to try.

and if you have other computers, you can try to reach SC on the one its on via them, IF you knew your private IPs.

2008-07-19, 12:16
thanks again for the help.

i know this is an elemental question, but, where do i find the ip for the computer?

2008-07-19, 12:21
the router might have a chart if you know how to get into it, but for macs ur gonna have to ask someone else. i would think its easily found tho.

also, try updating SC and see if that fixes it.

2008-07-19, 12:39
newsie wrote:
> there are three computers on the network, but only one, the one the
> third floor that i described, is used to access squeezecenter. it runs
> mac os 10.4. and the version of sc is 7.01.

Most likely, you have a networking problem, but you have to be much more
explicit on what computers are doing what, how they are connected, etc.

I am asking you for explicit details of which computer is running
SqueezeCenter. So far, you have not answered this. Its fundamental.

You say you have a cable modem connected to an Apple extreme, which is
just a WiFi router.

Do you have an Ethernet hub? or is everything WiFi

Please list each of your three computers, what OS is on them.
List which has SqueezeCenter, and which has the browser that you are
trying to use to reach the SqueezeCenter.

Don't worry about IP addresses until you get some basic things covered.

Under Windows, you find the IP address with the ipconfig program.
On most Linux, you use the ifconfig command. I don't speak OS-X, but I
bet its something close.

Pat Farrell

2008-07-19, 13:05
thanks again for the help.

i know this is an elemental question, but, where do i find the ip for the computer?

1) using the computer in question, open a command window and type "ipconfig"

2) most routers have a web based admin screen tool. mine is a linksys so i get to it by typing but other brands have different default ips. somewhere in the tool you should be able to find a dhcp table of all devices connected to your network by machine name, with the ip address.

the advantage of the 2nd option is that you can get the ip address for all connected devices, not just the machine you are currently at.

2008-07-19, 19:40
he's got at least one mac tho, so he'll have to find some kind of networking app in system preferences i bet.

2008-07-20, 06:01
sorry i fell out of the loop yesterday; daughter waiting at the airport.

i feel like i've somehow both obscured the problem and misstated it.

so i'll try to lay it out more clearly.

in the past, i would open safari on my mac (imac, power pc, os 10.4), click on squeezecenter and my music library would appear. my transporter worked similarly. they were connected the way i described, with the a cable modem hard-wired to my apple extreme. the computer, the apple extreme and the transporter communicated wirelessly over our household network.

for unknown reasons, when i tried to click on squeezecenter last week, i got the message from safari that it could not connect to "localhost 9000," i.e. squeezecenter. when i went into squeezecenter 7.01 on my desktop and clicked on the installer, a dialog box would come up asking to "start server." however, when i clicked on it, it would simple cycle through and revert to the "start server" message, without it ever having been started. the "open web browser" command, therefore, did not come on.

after reinstalling squeezecenter, nothing changed.

the network is otherwise working perfectly, meaning all the computers in the house have quick access to the internet, to the printer, etc.

i was able to find the ip address for the apple extreme and i think for the computer. what should i do with those numbers?

anyway, thanks again for your interest. i have a feeling there is a simple solution here evading me.

all best,

2008-07-20, 07:18
I'm a Mac user. A few thoughts. Be sure the Firewall setting hasn't changed to exclude Squeezecenter. I know you said it was off but I've made that mistake before. I suspect you know this but you access it from the System Preferences, Sharing folder. Make sure the Firewall is off. If thats not the problem run a program such as Onyx to verify permissions and clean caches. I use the Automation setting which presents itself after the first two actions. It's one of my favorite utilities and can be had free at Cnet or Version Tracker sites. What version of SC are you using? I'd suggest you use the most recent nightly build as mentioned by Mr.Sinatra. Download and install the dmg file after you have removed the current version from the Prefence Pane by right clicking it. Keep us posted.

2008-07-20, 11:30
i also want to suggest you call the support number. i think they will actually be better able to help you with your issue.

2008-07-20, 12:57
i followed avta's instructions, using onyX to clean the caches etc, and then reloaded slim server.

amazingly, or maybe not, i was able to call up squeezecenter again. i am currently in the process of rescanning my music library.

thanks to all for the interest and input.

it does beg the question of what happened here??? on days (weeks) like these, cd's feel easy by comparison.

all best,

2008-07-20, 13:17
glad that worked. cd's are easier but don't sound as good unless you have an expensive player. Using a computer based system requires learning new ways of thinking about your system and how to solve problems. Keep at it.. I'm sure you will succeed.