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Oliver Cookson
2004-03-17, 09:19
I agree with all being said on the subject.

Personally I would only use the software sb on my hosting machine as it
would be invaluable to listen to whats being played in the other parts
of my house in the room where my computer is. I also agree that I feel
it could be an excellent marketing idea to show people what the SB does,
like a emulator really without buying the hardware. Of course the SB is
the ultimate solution and im sure many people will opt for that after
seeing the SB's power via the emulator.

From a technical point of view is it a hard task to accomplish?

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Peter van der Landen wrote:

> Anyway, I think a Software Squeezebox would be great.

I agree. A Software SB adds value. And I don't think it cannabalizes
sales, as it doesn't really replace the SB hardware. S/W SB requires a
general purpose PC at every node. All it really does is add capability
to a SlimServer based home music network.

Some users may have nodes that already have a PC, but is it always-on,
noiseless and troublefree? The SB device clearly wins on all of the
"appliance" issues. And for those that would still like to use a PC,
they would have used something like WinAmp anyway. The software SB
would just make that experience better by providing additional features.

And those of us who host the SlimServer on a workstation definitely have
one PC that we would like to sync.

I don't know whether it makes sense for SlimDevices to commit resources
to S/W SB development, but I do think they should welcome and support a
community effort.