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Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI
2004-03-17, 08:50

I have the latest firmware (8 in the player, 5.1.1 on the server) and have
exactly the same problem with the volume. If I take the volume on the
Squeeze Box down from Max by more than three "blocks" it is almost silent on
my amp. I have also noticed that compared to other devices, it is still
quite on maximum - which means turning the amp up more - which is a problem
if you change to another source!


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Sean Adams wrote:
>> Second the volume control in this mode is rather non linear.
>> I.E. you step it down a few notches and it is basically
>> silent.
> Are you running 5.1.1? You should find this has been fixed in the latest
> software.

I have actually upgraded to v8 of the firmware so I will
have to try it again. I didn't realize it might have been
fixed and hadn't noticed it since, as I alluded to in my
lock volume suggestion, I never really use it :-).
(It's that JVC bug I would really love fixed, then I
can get rid of the extra SB remote :-)

Daryle A. Tilroe