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2008-07-18, 19:05
Hi All,

I am a newbie on here as have ordered a squeezebox Classic and cann't wait for it to arrive on Monday.

What i am planning on doing with it is i already have the downstairs Lounge, Kitchen and Dining room cabled up with speakers in each room from the one hi-fi in the longue with a speaker switch box to control music to each room. Was going to connect the squeezebox upto the hi-fi and then hopefully be able to stream the music around the downstairs of the house.

My question is as i only have the one squeezebox in the longue if i am in the dining room or kitchen i would be unable to change volume, tracks etc as remote would be out of range from the box. I have a spare windows mobile 5 device with built in wi-fi. I am i able to connect this to my router and use as a remote round the house to change the volume, tracks and control the squeezebox?

Sorry i know this is very long winded but any advice would be much appreciated.


2008-07-18, 21:20
I'll warn you in advance that I am a duffer around here. There are many smart technical people hereabouts, I'm not one of them, but I'll limit my guidance to what I'm comfortable saying.

Yes you can, it's very easy.

You can access Squeeze Center or Slim Server (the earlier version) using a browser on a machine on the network. Whether it's a laptop, a desktop, a Mac , a Windows Mobile device, no matter. You point the browser to

http:// (ip address of the machine running the server software, no quote marks):9000

So, for example, enter on browser line http://192.168.X.XXX:9000

You need to know the home network ip address of the machine acting as the server. On the server machine (if windows), you open up a dos window by

Start, Run, then type cmd

then at the DOS prompt, type ipconfig It will then show the IP address in response.

For this reason, it's useful to assign a fixed address to the server machine, so that the entry to access from another machine is always the same. I have this fixed address as a bookmark on all the "other" machines, including my windows mobile device, so I don't need to remember it.

This works very well, and makes you look like a magician when visitors see what you can do. I'm sure there's something written about this somewhere on the site, or in the wiki, but lord knows, I'm not conversant with all that stuff.

Good luck, enjoy your music.

(On a matter you didn't ask about, be careful about not driving too many sets of speakers from your amplifier. Hopefully your speaker selector box has overload protection built in. Not all of them do. A friend of mine fried his amplifier by driving too many speakers, and not at loud volume. If your switch doesn't have overload protection for your amp, get one that does - they do cost a few hundred bucks, but money well spent. The cheapo simple switches from the Radio Shacks of the world don't have the protective circuitry in them).

2008-07-18, 22:40
You'll probably want to also look at using an alternative skin to the default one which is not really optimised for small devices. Handheld is probably the best one and you can use this by appending "/handheld" (without the quotes) after the 9000 in the server address in your browser. i.e. http://192.xxx.xxx.xxx:9000/handheld.


2008-07-19, 00:34
Or you can use SlimRemote - a much better (read: not web interface) little application. Not sure of the location, but a quick search here will come up with everything.

2008-07-20, 12:29
Cheers for all your reply's and now I have my windows mobile device controlling my squeezebox.

Once again thanks for all your help

2008-07-20, 19:28
And what did you settle with as a controller?