View Full Version : Slimp3Slave for Windows

2004-03-17, 08:36
I certainly don't think Slimdevices owes me a software version of the
Squeezebox, and whether or not such a thing would be good for them is
obviously their judgement to make.

Still... I'd like one!

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I'll pay $US 20 or $CAN 30
to the author of software that first makes me happy, which roughly speaking

- Similar controls to the Squeezebox remote (i.e., functionality, not
- Similar responsiveness (I already use Winamp; I want something more
like the Squeezebox)
- Similar display to the Squeezebox (not too picky here --- "now
playing" and browsing music are what I want)
- Synchronizable (I'm happy with a differences of 30 seconds; no need to
make this perfect)
- Open source
- Works to my satisfaction, on both Windows and Linux. I do tend to be
picky about bugs; software which hangs or dies daily is unlikely to
satisfy me.

Obviously, $20 doesn't justify the effort involved, but I have nothing
against the author collecting from however many people or companies they
can line up.

Similarly, I'll pay $US 20 or $CAN 30 for a Winamp plugin that makes me
happy, meaning:

- Makes play/pause/skip to next song/previous song work with similar
responsiveness to a Squeezebox
- Freely available

Yes, this is a total of $US 40 or $CAN 60 available.

Just so I don't get sued by a disgruntled developer: Offer expires one
year from today. Decision of whether to pay, and who to pay it to, is
solely mine.

- Paul Colley
paul_colley (AT) mapinfo (DOT) com +1 416 609 7706