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2008-07-18, 11:49
Is it possible to use the new Duet player without the remote? Controlling it purely via the command line and Squeeze Center?

I've got whole home audio wiring that home runs a couple zones to amps in the basement. There are keypads (Insteon) that control the music via Winamp right now. I'd like a couple players but don't really have any need for the remotes in each room.

Is it possible to setup and use the players without the whole remote package?

Thanks in advance.

2008-07-18, 12:19
Yes it is.

2008-07-18, 12:31
Does the player then just find itself an IP address and show up in squeeze center (in this case it will be hardwired, not running wireless)? Is there anything special I need to know before I attempt such a project?

2008-07-18, 13:31
As I understand it, to set up a Receiver you need a Controller. There is an alpha version of an SBR configuration tool (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=43722) but I don't know how easy it is to use.

2008-07-18, 16:46
The only supported way to setup an SBR is with an SBC (although if you have multiple players there's nothing stopping you using the same SBC to set them all up). There is, however, a tool available (which simbo linked to) which is designed to allow you to setup an SBR on it's own. From what I hear it works fine, but it's not officially supported by Logitech so it's up to you whether to risk it.

2008-07-18, 17:41
Is it possible to setup and use the players without the whole remote package?

Thanks in advance.

As others have pointed out, you need the remote to configure the player for your wireless network.

Once past that you can use SC to control the player. I do that almost exclusively. SC runs on our family room computer, adjacent to the entertainment center, where the router and SBR are. The computer is almost always already on, so I use it rather than wait for the controller to power up. My kids like the web interface too.

Part of it will depend on your listening habits. Personally, I fire up a Rhapsody station or a long playlist and just let it go. But if you like to skip around a lot within your music library on the fly, the remote would be much better. Otherwise you'd have to stay parked in front of your computer.