View Full Version : Battery not loading on Squeezebox Controller

2008-07-17, 23:33
Hi there,

my new Duet was fine until the Battery went low.
So i put it into the loading cradle and the battery symbol on the controller loops from left to right, saying to me "i'm loading".

After loading about 16 hours i took it from the cradle, and got the old message: battery low.

I took off the battery for several minutes and it was cold, so i think there is no loading power.

I did several tries, but no success.
(Controller works fine in the cradle, and battery continues looping)

Is there any trick i can do ?

Firmware is 7.1 r2704 from yesterday's nigtly 7.2 version

this is a RMA exchange from my first Duet, where the Receiver was broken :(

Pascal Hibon
2008-07-18, 01:13
Sounds like a hardware failure to me. I would send it in for repair.