View Full Version : SB3: Press and hold brightness to begin firmware update ...

2008-07-17, 07:09
Any other way to start the update without doing this? If not, could there be (such as via SC or the SBc?).

Thing is, i use a Harmony One IR for my home Theatre and SB3, so it would be great to not have to dig the old remote out (especially when running beta versions). The Brightness on my Harmony wont do it (unless anyone knows a way around it).

Trivial yes, but i just always wanted to ask...

2008-07-17, 07:14
The easiest thing is probably to set auto-update. If you don't want to do that you could probably get the harmony to work by recording the whole long-press as a new key.

2008-07-23, 07:07
I agree that there should be a way to update firmware via SC.
I never use the remote. I never see my 2 squeezeboxes. The whole system is controlled via browser.

Maybe it's cool to look at the boxes for some, but I prefer to hide all components so music just seems to enter the house from nowhere.