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David Cullen
2004-03-17, 03:17
I don't appear to have this option either. So far I have only used the
slimp3 unit but have been trying to set up remote straming across the
network to my study pc.

I have winamp lite, hae followed the online streaming guide and winamp lite
shows "welcome to squeezebox" but no sound comes out of the pc speakers?!

But (and this is where it relates to this thread) it does come out of my
slimp3 unit in the living room - ie. the two players appear to be synch'd
but I can't see a way of turning them off.

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I donít get a synchronise option. I had presumed you only get this option
when you have two squeezeboxes as it doesnít appear with just one connected
or one squeezebox and one non squeezebox player (such as winamp) Jon,
"Just" activate synchronization (in player settings on the web interface).